Handmade walnut spatula for cooking and mixing


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The handmade walnut spatula is made from a single piece of solid walnut wood for an all-natural linseed oil finish.

Handmade from solid walnut wood this wooden spatula is an excellent allrounder in the kitchen from helping to make your breakfast, to stirring a stew or pasta sauce for your dinner.

Another benefit of a wooden spatula or spoon is that it can help prevent a pot of water from boiling over if placed across the top of an open pot giving you more time to turn down the heat

Because wood is a natural material each spatula will have its own unique color and grain pattern.

The spatula is tough and durable and made to be used every day while also being lightweight and easy to store in a drawer, a utensil jug, or even hanging up on the wall for display

Because it is made of natural wood it is safe to use with nonstick pans without fear of scratching the surface as it is more environmentally friendly and better looking than plastic:)

Size, each spatula is
26cm by 4cm (at its widest) and 5-6mm thick
Or if you prefer inches; 10 1/2 inches by 1.5inches by 1/4inch thick

Each customer of the shop who orders the spatula together with some truffles will get one medium-sized organic black summer truffle as a present!


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