Fresh small-sized summer truffles for dog training

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Using small fresh truffles in dog training is the best option for strengthening your dog’s skill to find truffles.
In 100 gr. you will get between 10 and 30 small individual truffles.

If whole-size dry truffles are perfect to start with, the small-sized fresh ones are ideal to strengthen your dog’s skill and play it a bit more real.
That’s how we have learned also our dog Andy 🙂 If you have some doubts or questions please always ask prior to purchase.

Here are some guidelines on how to incorporate whole dry truffles into your truffle dog training:

Scent Introduction: Introduce the scent of truffles to your dog before using the whole truffles. Place the dried truffles in a jar or container along with some absorbent material like rice or paper towels. Allow the truffles to release their aroma into the material for a few days. This will create a stronger scent source for training.

Scent Recognition: Begin by teaching your dog to recognize and indicate the presence of the truffle scent. You can do this by placing the scented material in a small container or hiding it in a specific location. Encourage your dog to sniff the container or area, and when they show interest or indicate the scent, reward them with praise and a treat. Repeat this process to reinforce the association between the scent and reward.

Introduction of the whole dried truffles: Once your dog has successfully learned to recognize the truffle scent, you can start using whole dry truffles. Begin with easier exercises, such as placing a whole truffle in plain sight and encouraging your dog to approach it. When your dog shows interest or sniffs the truffle, reward them with praise and a high-value treat.

Throwing as a ball: Progress to more interesting exercises such as throwing and fetching the dry truffle as a ball. The truffle is hard to chew and you will be able to play that game with your dog for weeks. When your dog successfully learns to bring you back the dry summer truffle, reward them generously. Gradually reduce the visible cues and rely more on the scent alone.

Hiding and Searching: Progress to more challenging exercises by hiding the truffles in various locations. Start with simple hiding spots and gradually increase the difficulty. Encourage your dog to search for the truffle using their sense of smell. When your dog successfully locates and indicates the truffle, ask them to bring it back to you. Once it brings it back reward them generously. Gradually reduce the visible cues and rely more on the scent alone.

Refining Skills: As your dog becomes more proficient in truffle detection, you can refine their skills by using small size fresh truffles, hiding them in more complex environments, or increasing the distance between the truffle and your dog. Training sessions should be short, frequent, and enjoyable to maintain your dog’s engagement and enthusiasm.

Remember, truffle dog training can be a specialized skill, and it may be beneficial to seek guidance from professional truffle dog trainers or participate in truffle dog training workshops. They can provide hands-on instruction, and personalized advice, and help you navigate the intricacies of truffle detection training.

You may find some interesting reels on how do we use the dry truffles for training Andy on our facebook page

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