In this blog post, we will present to you two separate recipes on how to make your own homemade truffle oil 🙂

Truffle oil found in shops

Current truffle oil found in the shops is mostly a product of the chemical industry built around the discovery that the most pungent scent in wild truffles is actually coming from 2,4-dithiapentane molecule. The discovery has been made by German scientists in the early 50s. Since then olive oil industry built heavily around that so today still most people believe that with truffle oil they consume real truffle products. Going further many people believe that they can learn their dogs to find truffles by learning them with truffle oil targets.

So how to make homemade truffle oil?

There are two methods – “cold” and “warm”. The “cold” method for homemade truffle oil production as the name suggests is based on placing the olive oil in a fridge and “waiting” for the truffle aroma to infuse the oil.

The “warm” method is more traditional – you need to warm up the olive oil and then introduce the truffles.

Simple “cold” method for homemade truffle oil production

The cold method is built around the idea of simply placing a couple of truffle slices in a jar with olive oil and putting it into the fridge. Wait about a week and you will get olive oil with some truffle flavor. The problem with this approach is that the truffle pieces may cause oil to get rancid in even less than a month. So if you go that way eat it fast and keep it in the fridge.

Jar-in-jar method for homemade “cold” truffle oil production

Another option for truffle homemade truffle oil production using the cold method is to use the so-called “jar in jar” method. You put some fresh truffle slices in a bigger jar and you place carefully the smaller jar inside the bigger jar. Finally, you top the small jar with proper olive oil and you close the lid of the bigger jar. In 5 days you will get some olive oil without truffles inside but with some truffle scent. The “jar-in-jar” truffle oil could sustain without too much of a problem for some months.

“Warm” truffle oil production

The “warm” method for truffle oil production is based on heating the oil to 55-60 °C and placing some truffle slices inside. Keep it for 5 minutes and then “bottle it”.  You may place the shaved truffles inside for a stronger aroma. In 10-12 hours you will have truffle oil with decent truffle flavor. Prepared that way the truffle oil could survive up to 3-4 months in a fridge.

Which homemade truffle oil method is better?

Honestly, each method has its own fans – some people prefer the “light” smell of truffles related to the cold methods, and some others the stronger aroma of the warm method. Personally, we are fans of the jar-in-jar truffle oil method. Note that no matter the method you can’t achieve the “richness” of the artificially prepared truffle oil and beat the “2,4-dithiapentane” method. However, you may achieve much more. Each truffle contains more than 50 aromas and represents the area and the soil where it has grown so putting some of your own truffles will always bring some new flavors to be discovered.

Wanna try to make your own homemade truffle oil

You can always visit Andy’s Truffles Etsy shop, get some truffles, and try either of the recipes. In addition to that you may try to do also some other homemade truffle products like your own truffle salt or truffle pate.