Today we have woke up around 5:30 in the morning 🙂 It was an early and a bit chilly morning at Bulgarian seaside.

So there were rumors that there area lot of well truffle forests in the area. However we have never tried our luck in that part of Bulgaria.

So that sounds like a plan – ready, set and go!

In reality things happen a bit the other way around – I put into the Cuban coffee maker some arabica coffee, than enjoy the morning chill and the sunrise than a small breakfast, and finally – go!


Go but where? In our areas there are propper mountains and truffles are found mostly in pine and oak forests. Here it seems that there are a lot of small forests with linden trees – ideal habitat for black summer truffles (Tuber Aesivum).

So I have seen a couple of potentially good spots right next to the main road – 10-20 miles away from my summer camp.

So first and second were no good – forests were too dense and there were simply no truffles there.

The third spot looked as a beautiful linden tree forest with plenty of space between the trees.

Linden tree truffle forest
Linden tree truffle forest

Andy found the first truffle a minute after he has jumped out of the car.

Peanut sized truffle
Peanut size summer truffle

As a final result Andy found for an hour around 40 small fresh truffles. Most very small all together around 100-150 grams.

Those truffles have little gastronomy importance but are ideal for truffle dog training. For practicing and refining the already gained skills.

As usual, you may find our harvest on Etsy.