Truffle dogs are well-trained to detect the presence of truffles and have an exceptional sense of smell. They are capable of detecting truffle odors even when they are buried hidden under the ground. While the exact depth at which a truffle dog can sniff a truffle may vary depending on factors such as soil conditions and the specific dog’s training and ability, they can often detect truffles several inches or even feet below the surface.

So have you ever wondered at what depth a truffle dog could detect the truffle presence? Here is a practical example.

A practical example of finding a truffle deeply hidden under the ground

Andy is able to sniff truffles about 25 sm deep and even more. Have a look at this picture.

Deeply buried truffle

The truffle hunting knife blade is around 30 sm long. The truffle is present right there under it. The dog was able to sense it and to dig close to it.

Good size truffle

Here is the end result good sized truffle with a wonderful aroma 🙂

Well done Andy!!!

How to learn your dog to find truffles deeply hidden under the ground?

Learning a dog to find truffles is a long process that typically takes many months of progressive work with the dog. At a certain point, you and your dog will be able to find truffles. With time you will notice that for the dog is much easier to find shallow truffles than the ones deeply hidden under the ground. With time you will also notice that during certain times of the truffle hunting season, the truffles “sink” deeper into the ground and the dog may start easily missing them.


So some special training is needed in order to improve the skills of your dog for finding truffles deeply hidden under the ground.

The best possible way is to use whole-sized dried truffles and hide them deeper and deeper in your backyard.

Then let the dog look for them. Once a truffle is found say bravo and reward your dog. It is also important to hide your smell and use gloves when you are trying to dig the dry truffle.  Ideally, you should let get also a period between hiding the truffle and releasing the dog to look for it – the longer the better. The ideal period is one night. For example, you dig the truffle into the evening and let the dog find it the next morning.